How to backup restore & flash any MTK devices

This guide is can be done for some devices such as MT6595, MT6592, MT6589, MT6582, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572, or any MT65xx devices

Requirement :
Computer with windows XP/7/8 Based.

  1. Good USB cable.
  2. MTK USB Drivers
  3. MTK Droid Tools
  4. SP Flash Tool
  5. CMW Recovery for rooted Device.
  6. PDAnet

Before connecting the MTK based smartphone, I suggest you to download the some of the android application to support the guide. The tools is frameroot.apk and root checker. You can download it from google play-store or following this link below:

  • Framaroot.
  • Rootchecker

After that, you must install the two tools that you have downloaded then grant the access of the root checker to check your smartphone root status.
After your smartphone is successfully rooted, please do the steps:

  1.  Please install the PDAnet on your computer and run it.
  2.  If you face the confirmation about replacing the driver click “YES”.
  3.  Connect your smartphone to your computer and follow the steps until finish.

Additionally, please make sure the following conditions:

  1.  The rest of the internal memory must be greater than about 2 GB.
  2.  If you have an external memory, please make sure that the external memory space must be greater than (>) about 2 GB.
  3.  Pleas enable the “USB Debugging” in Developer Options->USB Debugging. If you are using 4.2 of the android version, go to “about phone” and repeatedly click the “build number” until appear “you are now developer”.
  4.  If you used the antivirus, please disable the AV temporarily.

Rooting steps:

  1.  Run the MTKDroidTool.exe as administrator.
  2. Connect the device to the PC. you will see the green circle color in MTKdroid tools root shell status. If you face the “yellow” collour, please click the “Root” button and please wait for a second until the process is finished.


  1.  Go to “Root, backup, recovery” tabs and see the IMEI/NVRAM number.
  2.  click “IMEI/NVRAM” button to back up the IMEI number.

Backup The ROM.

  1.  GO to “Root, backup, recovery” tabs.
  2.  Checklist the “userdata” and “cache” if you will backup all the data.
  3.  Click “Backup” button.
  4.  Wait until a prompt appear asking “do you want to compress” or something like that. Press “NO”, it will just compress the backup you have made. We won’t need to compress it.
  5.  A new windows will appear asking for a .md5 file of the backup. So navigate to the MTK Droid Tools folder where your backup is found.
  6.  Open the backup that your have created earlier and select the files.md5 click “OPEN”.
  7.  Wait for MTK Droid Tools to copy the files for SP Flash Tool, check the status messages until the copying is complete
  8.  When the backup is done, you have created the stock ROM backup of your device. THe backup files is located in MTKDroidTools folder->Backup.

Flashing the ROM or restoring the stock ROM backup.

  1.  Open “SP Flash Tool.exe” run as administrator.
  2.  Load the sccater file that you have created earlier (Located in “!FIles_to_Flash”).
  3.  After you loaded the scatter file, all must checked except for “Cache” and “USERDATA”. Most important, DON’T check “DSP_BL” or “PRELOADER”.
  4.  “Turn Off” your android device. If you are not sure please unplugged the baterai and wait for 5 second and plug again.
  5.  on the “SPF tools” Click “Download” then connect the android device. you will face a prompt, click “YES”.
  6.  Wait for the tool detect your device and restore the Stock ROM that you have made. An alert with a green circle appears after successfully downloading the ROM
  7.  Done, you have successfully downloading the ROM.
  8.  Disconnecting the the android device from PC and turn on the device.

Installing CWM via MTKDroidTools.

  1. GO to “Root, backup, recovery” tabs.
  2. Checklist “TO use boot from phone”
  3. Click “Recovery and boot”
  4. If you having the confirmation, click “yes”
  5. The device will reboot into recovery mode.
  6. After device boot into CWM, you will able to back your data through the CWM.

Flashing the ROM via MTKDroidTOols.
Requirement Tools:

  1.  SPF tools
  2.  Stock ROM or backup ROM
  3.  USB VCOM Drivers
  4.  PDAnet

The stps:

  1. Extract the zip files of the ROM.
  2. Extract the USB VCOM driver or install the PDAnet into PC.
  3. Shut down the android device.
  4. Connect the android device to the PC using GOOD USB Cable.
  5. Extract “SP flash tool” and run it.
  6. Done.

Please let me know if there is any question about this matter.

Thanks for reading.

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